June 29, 2010

The Wonderful World of Cupcakes

I am currently putting together a morning tea for my colleagues to celebrate the organisation's third birthday.  Wanting to do something extra special I thought of jumping on the cupcake bandwagon.  In my research I not only discovered how easy it is to make any event sweet and glamorous, but also discovered a surprising amount of small businesses and decorations dedicated to our sweet teeth right here in Melbourne.  

Most businesses will create custom cupcakes for your event or organisation, and even have online stores to purchase decorations (think edible glitter and images) and supplies so you can bake your own masterpieces at home.  

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Apart from doing beautiful traditional cupcakes for birthdays, weddings and corporate events (your company logo on a cupcake - I like it), they also do cocktail cupcakes - are you kidding me?!

{Image courtesy of Love at First Bite}

Specialises in all things sweet.  Think cookies, chocolates and decorations as well as stencils, wrappers and gifts (for the baker!)

An amazing array of flavours here from cookies and cream to lemon meringue...yum!

Beautifully displayed and decorated and a fantastic array of imaginative flavours.  My favourite has got to be "The Hangover" (cinnamon cupcake injected with mapel syrup, mapel syrup frosting and bacon crumbles).  

Also check out:

And for the ultimate DIY baking treat, how is this for some cupcake sophistication?  Teacupcakes by Fred & Friends.

{Image courtesy of Fred & Friends}

Happy baking!

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